Sequestered and stressed? 
Sick Of Your ‘Stay In Place’ Staycation? 
Can't Travel, but need a break 

No need to spend tons of money, pack a bag or travel to a retreat center! You can experience rejuvenation from the comfort of home.

Remember what it feels like to escape?
It’s hard during these trying times.  
What's Included?

With my virtual retreat you’ll get the chance to reboot- reconnect with your inner joy, leave your worries behind and be able to hear the quiet calling of your true purpose.   

  • Unplug from the collective anxiety and panic & get back to you
  • ​Eat delicious food to nourish your body
  • ​De-stress tools to calm your overwhelm and feel peaceful
  • ​Connect with like-minded peeps to fill your cup of being seen and heard during this time of isolation
  • ​Unlimited access- it's forever yours to play over and over

Imagine three days devoted to self-care and personal growth. Revisiting the way you felt during that oceanfront class, hearing the waves crash or tasting the delicious healthy foods from the tropics- a million miles away from social distancing, hand washing and 24 hour news coverage. 

What You'll Get From This Retreat:
Pearl #1: Self-care routine while being sequestered

 By establishing a safe, grounded self-care routine, you'll feel safe and nourished during this time of stress.
Pearl #2:  Community during a time of isolation 

A sense of interconnectedness and belonging during this time of uncertainty and seclusion. 
Pearl #3: Travel Virtually, Finding Calm in Chaos
Eat delicious & healthy resort food, find a sense of balance & inward focus to reduce stress and anxiety
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